IMAGE Committee

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Stephen A. Sonnenberg Stephen A. Sonnenberg General Chair Colorado School of Mines
Julie Ellen Shemeta Julie Ellen Shemeta SEG General Chair MEQ Geo Inc.
Catherine Elizabeth Campbell Catherine Elizabeth Campbell AAPG General Vice Chair Programs Camino Natural Resources
Sue Jackson Sue Jackson SEG General Vice Chair Colorado School of Mines
Steven Maurice Goolsby Steven Maurice Goolsby AAPG General Vice Chair Content Goolsby Brothers & Assoc., Inc.
Bryce Alan Swinford Bryce Alan Swinford SEG Technical Program Co-Chair Concho Resources
Katie-Joe McDonough, PhD Katie-Joe McDonough, PhD AAPG Discipline Integration Chair KJM Consulting, LLC
Aria Abubakar Aria Abubakar SEG Technical Program Co-Chair Schlumberger
Douglas Everett Wyatt, Jr. Douglas Everett Wyatt, Jr. AAPG Special Sessions Chair AMENTUM-NASA
William Lee Abriel William Lee Abriel Business of Applied Geophysics Plenary Session Chair
Pinar Oya Yilmaz Pinar Oya Yilmaz AAPG International Chair Retired- ExxonMobil Corporation
David J. Campagna, PhD David J. Campagna, PhD SEG Global Co-Chair
Darrell Lawrence Kramer Darrell Lawrence Kramer SEG Global Co-Chair
Stuart James Andrew Clark Stuart James Andrew Clark SEG Global Co-Chair Mubadala Petroleum (Thailand) Ltd.
Piret Plink-Bjorklund Piret Plink-Bjorklund SEPM Chair Colorado School of Mines
Howard Earl Harper Jr. Howard Earl Harper Jr. SEPM Chair SEPM
Mary C. Carr Mary C. Carr AAPG Short Courses Chair Colorado School of Mines
Anne C. Draucker Anne C. Draucker AAPG Education & Diversity Chair Chevron
Rebecca L. Caldwell Rebecca L. Caldwell AAPG Women's Network Co-Chair Chevron
Terra Jane George Terra Jane George AAPG Women's Network Co-Chair EOG
Tuba Firincioglu Tuba Firincioglu SEG Inter-Society Engagement Co-Chair NITEC LLC
Janel Anderson Janel Anderson SEG Applied Science Education Program Chair
Travis Pitcher Travis Pitcher Exhibition and Sponsorship Chair
Sara Lynn Peyton Sara Lynn Peyton SEG Golf Tournament Co-Chair Coal Creek Resources
Mary Sue Purcell Mary Sue Purcell SEG Golf Tournament Co-Chair MSRP GeoConsulting LLC
William Yeck William Yeck SEG Inter-Society Engagement Co-Chair
Gus Sustason Gus Sustason AAPG Field Trip Co-Chair
Tofer Lewis Tofer Lewis AAPG Field Trip Co-Chair Enerplus Resources
Laura L. Wray Laura L. Wray SEG Field Trip Chair
Joel Edward Scott Joel Edward Scott SEG Volunteer Chair
Rick Miller Rick Miller Past President Liaison University of Kansas