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Urban Geophysics and Geophysics for Sustainable Urban Development

Special Session 7

Wednesday, 29 September 2021, 1:20 p.m.–4:50 p.m.  |  Denver, ColoradoFour Seasons Ballroom 4 - Colorado Convention Center

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This session focuses on applying geophysical methods to help tackle challenges arising from the rapid growth of the global population living in cities and increased demand for sustainable urban planning.

Session Chairs
  • Arthur Cheng
  • Iga Pawelec
  • VIDEO A Single Station Approach for Subsurface Anomaly:
    Xinding Fang and Le Tang, Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Deep Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration Technology, Southern University of Science and Technology
  • VIDEO Radon (Rn-222) — Natural Radioactive Gas and Its Unnatural Effect on Human Health:
    Dominik Grządziel, Krzysztof Kozak, Jadwiga Mazur, and Mariusz Mroczek, Institute of Nuclear Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences
  • VIDEO Characterizing Urban Seismic Noise Recorded by Distributed Acoustic Sensing Array:
    Junzhu Shen and Tieyuan Zhu, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Urban Activity Monitoring Using Wireless Geophones in Singapore:
    Yunyue Elita Li, Enhedelihai Nilot, Yumin Zhao, and Gang Fang, Sustainability Geophysics Project, National University of Singapore
  • VIDEO Urban System Monitoring Using Combined Vehicle Onboard Sensing and Roadside Distributed Acoustic Sensing:
    Siyuan Yuan, Jingxiao Liu, Hae Young Noh, and Biondo Biondi, Stanford University
  • Characterization of Alluvial Stratigraphy in Urban Environment With Ambient Noise Array:
    Lanbo Liu, University of Connecticut; Kwang-hee Kim and Su Young Kang, Pusan National University
  • Scaling Up to City-Wide Dark-Fiber Seismic Arrays: Lessons From Five Years of the Stanford DAS Array Project:
    Biondo Biondi, Robert G. Clapp, Siyuan Yuan, and Fantine Huot, Stanford University
  • High-Speed Train Speed Estimation via One Geophone Near an High-Speed Railway:
    Xiaokai Wang, Xi’an Jiaotong University; Baoli Wang, Xian Research Institute of China Coal Research Institute; Chun Li, Wenchao Chen, and Chen Zhao, Xi’an Jiaotong University

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Urban Geophysics and Geophysics for Sustainable Urban Development
Colorado Convention Center
700 14th St
Denver, Colorado 80202
United States

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