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W-09 3D Computer Geologic Modeling for Geophysicists and How to Integrate Geologic and Geophysical Computer Earth Modeling

Through the support of the Mining Committee

Thursday, 30 September 2021, 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m.  |  Denver, Colorado

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Course Content

  1. An introduction to 3D computer geologic earth models, including the technical characteristics of the models, how such models are built, and the software used to visualize and manipulate models
  2. An investigation of attempts to make geophysical earth models and modeling directly compatible with geologic earth models
  3. A discussion of how to make geophysical earth modelling more interoperable with geologic earth modelling, thus facilitating closer interaction between geologists and geophysicists.
  • Review of "classical" geological modelling: Guillaume Caumon, RING
  • Review of geological modelling for mineral exploration: Laurent Ailleres, Loop
Session 1:
Case Histories: Illustrating current state of affairs
  • Case studies in creating meaningful geological models from geophysical data from the deposit scale to regional scale: John McGaughey, Mira
  • Exploration of Unconformity-related uranium deposits: the challenge of reconciling geophysical models and geological data: Patrick Ledru and Elodie Williard, Orano
  • Validation of Implicit 3D Geological Models using Geophysical Inversions: A Raglan Mine Case Study: Francine Fallara, Glencore
  • Case history: TBD
Technical Session 2:
Attempts so far to make geophysical earth models and modelling directly compatible with geological earth models
  • What is required to make such integration a day-to-day operational reality? John McGaughey, Mira
  • Technical geological modelling stuff relevant to geophysical modelling? Guillaume Caumon, RING
  • 3D geological modelling using graph neural networks and potential for coupling geophysical modeling: Mike Hillier, GSC
  • Multi-scale geophysics and geology thinking co-existing in common earth models: Des FitzGerald/Intrepid
  • Improving the plausibility of geophysical tomograms through joint inversion, advanced regularization and a direct link to geological modeling: Florian Wagner, pyGIMLi
  • The role of physical rock property data in coupling geological and geophysical Earth models: Ernst Schetselaar, GSC
  • Integrate geological constraints and info into geophysical inversion: Jérémie Giraud, RING, Loop
  • A Framework for Multidisciplinary Earth Modeling: Geoff Platsow, Seequent
  • Fit for purpose production of unstructured meshes for the whole range of simulation/forward model/inversion requirements: Des FitzGerald, Intrepid
  • Generating complex tetrahedral grids of a realistic iron deposit for three-dimensional geo-electromagnetic induction simulation: Zhengyong Ren, CSU China
  • 3D MT numerical modeling and inversion for realistic Earth models – Incorporating subsurface geometrical and physical constraints: SeyedMasoud Ansari, GSC
  • Directly incorporating geological surfaces into geophysical modelling using Surface Geometry Inversion Xushan Lu, MUN, MtA
Session 3:
A discussion of how we should go about making geophysical Earth modeling more inter-operable with geological Earth modeling
  • Thoughts on effective geological model parameterization for integration with geophysical data: Scott Napier, Mira
  • Thoughts on the future: Guillaume Caumon, RING
  • Thoughts on the future Laurent Ailleres, Loop
  • Thoughts on the future: Des FitzGerald, Intrepid
  • Group Discussion


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W-09 3D Computer Geologic Modeling for Geophysicists and How to Integrate Geologic and Geophysical Computer Earth Modeling
Colorado Convention Center
700 14th St
Denver, Colorado 80202
United States


Sarah Devriese Sarah Devriese 2021-2021 Organizer, Condor Consulting, ULC, USA
Peter Lelievre Peter Lelievre 2021-2021 Co-Organizer, Mount Allison University
Colin Farquharson Colin Farquharson 2021-2021 Co-Organizer, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada