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W-12 Geophysical Challenges in Presalt Carbonates

Through the support of the Research Committee

Friday, 1 October 2021, 8:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m.  |  Denver, Colorado

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Course Content

Geophysical challenges in presalt plays are significant from acquiring the right data, imaging, to property estimation of the subsurface in presalt environment. The presence of complex geology due to salt, carbonates, and basalts leads to complex wave propagation recorded in the seismic data. It is crucial to understand reservoir depositional systems, petrophysical properties, and seismic imaging issues to increase the efficiency of exploration and development activities and production strategies to maximize recovery. The focus of this workshop is to discuss latest geophysical ideas, and industry practices from locating, imaging to characterizing the reservoir.

Session 1
  • Unveiling Giant Buzios: seismic data evolution and new insights for interpretation: Maria Taryn, Petrobras
  • Least-Squares Migration in the Pre-Salt of Santos Basin, Brazil: Imaging Challenges and Its Benefits: Bruno Dias, Petrobras
  • Extracting the most out of seismic data to mitigate operational risks in the pre-salt: case studies from the BM-C-33 area and the Bacalhau field: Patricia Swalf Pearson, Paulo Roberto Barros dos Santos, Jorge Luiz de Lima Matias, Eduardo Porto Schwedersky & Edinei Silva, Equinor
  • The potential of seismic diffraction imaging in carbonate reservoir characterization: Stig-Kyrre Foss, Jorge Luiz de Lima Matias & Luiz Loures, Equinor
  • Discussion
Session 2
  • Advances in OBN imaging technologies and their value for Pre-salt fields in Santos basin: Roberto Pereira and Adel Khalil, CGG
  • Overcome challenges of complex salt structures for enhanced presalt imaging: Faqi Liu, Jian Mao, Yang He, Shuqian Dong, Yi Huang and Bin Wang, TGS
  • A new generation of velocity model building for subsalt imaging using OBN data: Zhenwen Pan, Wei Kang, James Xu, Will Sanger, Xin Cheng, Denes Vigh, SLB; Jingru Chen, Chris Manuel, Joshua Richarson, John Washbourne, Chevron
  • Estimating subsurface properties with Simultaneous Inversion for Velocity and Reflectivity: Nizar Chemingui, Yang Yang, Jaime Ramos Martinez, and Dan Whitmore, PGS
  • Low-cost time-lapse seismic imaging of CCS with the joint recovery model: Felix Herrmann, Mathias Louboutin, Ziyi (Francis) Yin, Georgia Tech and Philipp Witte, Azure Research Georgia Tech
  • Discussion


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W-12 Geophysical Challenges in Presalt Carbonates
Colorado Convention Center
700 14th St
Denver, Colorado 80202
United States


Partha S. Routh, PhD Partha Routh 2021-2021 Organizer, ExxonMobile, USA
Alexander M. Popovici Alexander Popovici 2021-2021 Co-Organizer, Z-Terra, USA
Adel Khalil Adel Khalil 2021-2021 Co-Organizer, CGG
Denes Vigh Denes Vigh 2021-2021 Co-Organizer, Schlumberger
Chao Wang Chao Wang 2021-2021 Co-Organizer, ION Geophysical, China